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How to Manage Dental Anxiety

  Do you or your children have fears or anxieties about seeing a dentist? You know that dental care is essential to keeping you healthy, yet you still avoid going. You’re not alone; around 22% of Canadians avoid the dentist due to anxiety. What is Dental Anxiety? Put simply, dental anxiety is “fear related to […]

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Dental Freezing: How it Works

  When most people visit the dentist for treatment, they often associate it with freezing, and numbness. Although it is a safe and necessary part of the procedure, it’s important to know how it works and how long it will last. Dental Freezing or anesthetic is defined as “medication that produces the temporary loss of […]

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Dental Freezing: Frozen For Such A Long, Long Time

While you were in for a routine cleaning last week, the dentist discovered a cavity. Whoops! With the help of the digital X-rays taken at the start of your cleaning, the dentist identified the cavity in one of the back molars on your lower jaw. He then explained how it would be fixed when you […]

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OraVerse To The Rescue!

Sherwood Park Dental is excited about OraVerse! Fillings, crowns and root canals require a local anesthetic which may freeze the lips, cheeks and tongue. The numbing effect can last 2 or more hours following dental work making it difficult to smile, talk, drink or eat soup from a spoon. If you are interested in returning […]

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