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10 Important Advantages of Digital X-rays

Film x-rays or digital x-rays? Sherwood Dental chooses to use digital x-rays. Why? Because you and your dental health are our top priority. Film x-rays were invented in 1895. That’s over 125 years ago. Technology has come a very long way since those first x-rays 125 years ago, and film x-rays are now quite antiquated. […]

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Top 6 Dental Emergencies At Sherwood Dental

Somethings wrong! I need to see the dentist ASAP! We here at Sherwood Dental receive urgent calls similar to this one quite often. We know how uncomfortable a toothache, broken tooth or broken crown can be. We want to help our patients immediately. We always try our very best to see your dental emergencies on the […]

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Oral Surgery Part 2: Put Yourself on The Road to Recovery

The recovery process following an oral surgery procedure differs from person to person. Your dentist will send you home with information on how to care for yourself properly. In most cases, the pain should lessen by the second day after the procedure. Generally, recovery will happen within two to three weeks following the procedure. Here […]

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Oral Surgery Part 1: Before Your Oral Surgery Procedure

Although you may practice proper dental oral health, some conditions occur that may require an oral surgery procedure. Oral surgery may sound scary, but many of the procedures are fairly simple and routine. Oral surgeries, when necessary, will help you to maintain and live a more comfortable lifestyle . Here’s what you need to know before your oral […]

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