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What is an iTero® scanner?

This intraoral digital scanner is modern dental technology that lets both you (the patient), and our clinical staff visualize your oral health in a new way. The iTero® scanner takes a digital impression of your teeth to mitigate any guess work for labs and associated partners with dental appliances.

How does an iTero® scanner help me?

Through its scanning technology, you are now visually able to see your oral health both pre and post-treatment. This gives you, the patient, a sense of security that our clinical team has done their job. It is important to Sherwood Dental and its team that you have input in your treatment process, and that it is a collaborative process in order to better know the state of your dentition.

Our Doctors, RDAs (Registered Dental Assistants), and RDHs (Registered Dental Hygienists) are now visually able to review current treatment plans and are able to pinpoint just exactly what is needed for you. The iTero® scanner is an excellent tool to help visualize restorative dentistry treatments like crowns, implants, and veneers!

Furthermore, previous treatment options of seeing your teeth as a 3D model required fussy molding gels that didn’t taste very good. Not only did these need to be sent to the lab for further processing, but sometimes these break during transit needing to redo the whole process – delaying your treatment. With the iTero® scanner, a scan can be done within minutes, and be sent to the processing partner right away to expedite any urgent treatment needed.

The iTero® scanner also lets you compare your current scans with historical ones to see how your treatment has advanced along your dental care journey. The increased viewing angles from your iTero® scan provides our clinical staff heightened accuracy of how to diagnose for both orthodontic treatment and restorative plans for your best care possible.

How does the iTero® work?

The iTero® is a stand-alone mobile scanner. It has a large interactive touch screen that helps enable your dental clinician to navigate the various functions and menus of the scanner. This interactive touch screen is also used as a visual aid for patients and users to showcase the scans that have been completed. Attached to the screen is a wand that is used inside the mouth to digitally inspect the oral cavity and produce an image as a result.

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