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Cold Sore Removal

Cold sores are a painful highly contagious blister that can form around your mouth and chin. They typically last two to three weeks if not treated. Laser therapy is a great option to help treat cold sores in their early stages. If early enough our lasers can effectively treat and speed up your healing time. 

Give Sherwood Dental a call as soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold sore coming on. Call (587) 400-7395 and let us know if you are interested in laser therapy to stop the progression of cold sores.

What are cold sores?

Better known as fever blisters, here’s what we have to say about them. Cold sores are defined as painful lesions or blisters which form on the lips, chin, cheeks, or less commonly nostrils.

Facts about cold sores:

  • They are caused by the Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus
  • They are highly contagious
  • They turn into yellow-crusted sores
  • They disappear within 14 days of an outbreak
  • They occur over and over again. There is no known cure

So, what can I do when I know I have the Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus?

  • Prevent cold sores before an outbreak occurs. For example, if your outbreaks are triggered by exposure to the sun, wear sunscreen or zinc oxide on your lips or other vulnerable places. Limiting exposure to sunlight may help prevent outbreaks.
  • Relieve the pain fever blisters cause when they occur
  • Give your cold sores time to help, and try not to cover them up with excess makeup so they can dry out.
  • Keep fever blisters from spreading
  • Prevent spreading the virus to others by avoiding touching the area, using hand sanitizer, and by not sharing lip chap or products that may come into contact with the cold sore

How can I know if the painful lesion that appeared on my lip is really a cold sore or not?

  • You experience tingling, itching or pain around that affected area of your lips or mouth
  • A blister appears after tingling, itching or pain around the affected area
  • The blister breaks open
  • Clear fluid secretes from it
  • A yellow crust forms over the blister as the area begins to heal.
  • The blister takes 2-3 weeks to heal

Okay. I have a cold sore. Now what?

Laser Therapy – Cold sores are best treated and kept under control in their early stages. Laser therapy can keep an outbreak from occurring if caught in time. As soon as you feel the sensations of tingling or pain in the area where the cold sore is starting, you should see your Sherwood Dental dentist.

Because there is no known cure for cold sores, they will occur over and over once you have caught the virus. Often they will come back in the same spots over time if not treated with laser therapy.

If you are unable to come in before a blister appears, laser therapy can take away the discomfort and help your cold sore heal faster. Biostimulation provided by laser therapy increases collagen production aiding in healing.

After laser treatment, the nerve cells around the area are deadened which provides instant pain relief.

Laser therapy for cold sores is often covered by your dental insurance and is a procedure we can perform in ten minutes without any anesthetic!

Topical Cream – Sometimes treatments may also include a topical cream to help the area heal. The dentists at Sherwood Dental are able to prescribe these topical cream medications for you. They are often more effective than over-the-counter medications.

Can I come into the dentist for my appointment if I have a cold sore?

If on the day you have an appointment with the dentist a cold sold appears, it is best to cancel your appointment. Having your lip tugged on during your dental appointment can be very painful and increase symptoms. If it is the second or third day following its appearance, you should be able to keep your dental appointment. Usually, a cold sore has crusted over by the second or third day.

Treat your cold sores early. Give Sherwood Dental a call as soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold sore coming on. Call (587) 400-7169 and let us know if you are interested in laser therapy to stop the progression of cold sores.