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Dyclonine Rinses: Gag-Free In 60 Seconds

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dyclonine rinses

Dyclonine rinses: wonderful for patients whose teeth are sensitive or who may have a sensitive gag reflex.

Do x-rays make you gag? Are your teeth sensitive? You’ll be relieved to know that Sherwood Park Dental offers Dyclonine rinses free of charge in our office. We want to provide our patients with better, more pleasant dental experiences.

What are Dyclonine Rinses?

Dyclonine rinse is a numbing rinse, a compounded topical anesthetic that comes in the form of an oral rinse. Gargle or swish it around in your mouth for no more than 60 seconds, spit, rinse with clean water, spit again and voila! In 3 to 10 minutes, gingival and palatal tissues are temporarily anesthetized from 45 minutes to an hour. Perfect for the time it takes to have digital x-rays taken or your teeth cleaned.

Dyclonine rinses come in a variety of flavors.

Who could benefit from using Dyclonine Rinses?

Dyclonine rinses are great for:

  • patients over the age of 2
  • hygiene patients who need a small amount of anesthesia
  • needle-phobic patients
  • patients with sensitivity
  • patients who have a sensitive gag reflex

Dyclonine rinses minimize discomfort before:

  • bulky digital x-rays
  • dental impressions
  • gross-debridements
  • scalings
  • prophies
  • pocket depth probing

Dyclonine rinses numb the tongue and inner cheek. This may increase the danger of biting trauma or damage to soft tissue in the mouth. Extra care should be taken when using dyclonine rinses just with local anesthesia or dental freezing. We encourage our patients not to eat, drink or chew gum while the mouth or throat area is numb.

If you’ve been procrastinating getting your teeth cleaned or making an appointment for other important dental procedures due to sensitivity or a sensitive gag reflex, procrastinate no more!┬áCall (780) 464-4166 and schedule an appointment with us today. Ask about the use of dyclonine rinses for your next procedure and rest easy. Taking the best care of our patients is top priority at Sherwood Park Dental.


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