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Halloween Candy: Let The Kids Eat It ALL Right Now?!

What?! Yes, you read that right: Let the kids eat it all right now! Does this seem like an oxymoron coming from your dentist? No, business is not a little slow. No, we’re not trying to generate income. Encouraging the kids to eat a lot of their Halloween candy soon after looting the neighborhood is better for their teeth.

First, let’s be clear. We’re not suggesting that you allow the kids to eat so much that they go into a sugar coma. Their poor pancreas! Please don’t allow them to eat so much of their Halloween candy that it makes them sick. Although if they do get really sick, they may not ever want to eat candy again… No, don’t let them do that.

Why should I let the kids eat all their Halloween candy right away?!

Eating no Halloween candy and sweets means fewer cavities, and that’s a good thing. Our best advice is to get rid of it. But we weren’t born yesterday. We all know that ain’t gonna happen. So, let’s talk about how bingeing on all that Halloween candy at once is better than eating a little at a time.

The acid in Halloween candy affects teeth and gums and starts the decaying process within 20 minutes after eating the candy. (Our blog post, Sugar And Its Impact On Your Teeth, explains more about this). Allowing your kids to bombard their teeth and gums with acid all day long for weeks is a sure-fire way to bring on cavities. Are you going to make your kids brush their teeth after eating every piece of Halloween candy to stop acid attacks from their teeth and gums all day long for weeks on end? We thought so.

Let the kids eat more Halloween candy, once a day. Choose the time for their once-a-day binge wisely! Right before bedtime is probably not the best time. Then, make them brush their teeth right away. The candy will be gone sooner and your stressing will be, too. You will have fewer days to stress over your kids sugar intake and their need for frequent brushing.

Do the kids a favor, Mom and Dad. Let the kids eat their Halloween candy once a day for a few days instead of all day for many. This is better for their teeth and gums! Just make sure they brush their teeth soon after they binge on this year’s loot each day.

When the Halloween candy has disappeared, call Sherwood Dental at (780) 464-4166. We can check your kids teeth for tooth decay that may lead to unwanted cavities.


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