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Community Life & Recent Posts

Taking Care of Your Teeth As You Age

As you begin to age, you may notice changes that need to be made to keep your mouth healthy. The older you get, it may be even more important than ever to keep on top of your oral care. Senior dental problems can be common, from dry mouth to gum disease. And since oral health […]

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Why Do I Have Bleeding Gums?

If your gums bleed when you floss or brush your teeth you may think this is normal and ignore it, but bleeding gums can be a sign of underlying problems. Bleeding gums is often caused by harmful plaque, and the millions of bacteria in it, found at or around the gum line. Left too long […]

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Halloween Candy: Let The Kids Eat It ALL Right Now?!

What?! Yes, you read that right: Let the kids eat it all right now! Does this seem like an oxymoron coming from your dentist? No, business is not a little slow. No, we’re not trying to generate income. Encouraging the kids to eat a lot of their Halloween candy soon after looting the neighborhood is […]

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Sugar And Its Impact On Your Teeth

Sugar – People consume an estimated 130 pounds of sugar per year. That’s a lot of sugar! But what’s not to like about sugar anyway? An expanding waistline Coronary heart disease Type II diabetes Metabolic syndrome High blood pressure Cancer and Cavities. That’s what! All sugar has the same effect on your teeth – tooth […]

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