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Building Community: Sherwood Dental Lends a Hand with Heart

Building Community. Growing Hope. Supporting Change.

The Mustard Seed is building community right here in our area, and Sherwood Dental was privileged to lend a hand!

The Mustard Seed is providing emergency shelter, food, clothing, hot showers, hygiene supplies and acceptance to those experiencing poverty. But making a real difference in the lives of individuals involves more than providing essential services and basic needs. They are also working to help individuals find sustainable housing and employment so that they will be able to move on and begin rebuilding their lives.

Evening meals are served Monday through Saturday to individuals and their families. Our Sherwood Dental group helped prepare and serve one of those evening meals to over 250+ people Monday, February 8, 2016! It was epic and so rewarding!

Here’s what our business coordinator had to say about it:

Our Team really enjoyed volunteering @The Mustard Seed for the evening. We came with a group of twelve Building Communitypeople from our office and met at their church location to serve a dinner meal. We met with Judy who was really organized and efficient in quickly getting our team to cook the meal and prep for serving over 250 people. The hot meal was complete with meatballs, rice, mixed vegetables, dessert, salad & buns. One team member prayed to bless the meal and then each person was served. Each team member had a job to do and two people acted as runners to keep the food coming! When the community all had their meals, the team was encouraged to take a plate and eat with the community. We all really felt this was an amazing opportunity and realized what a blessing this night was. We’d love to do it again! ~ Angela

Raena Kerr 2-8-16 (1)
One of our RDAs said of her participation:
“I think it’s important to support amazing local organizations like the Mustard Seed. It was a sobering experience. It’s easy to get caught up in your own problems and forget that there are people in our city who have gone days without a meal. I’ve never lived in want or need of any basic necessities, so at the very least I can offer my time. Hopefully others will continue to do the same!” ~ Raena

The Mustard Seed’s essential services are only available because of people like you, people like us. Consider taking action and lending a hand in building community in our area.  Partner with The Mustard Seed today!

Thanks to The Mustard Seed for building community. Thank you for growing hope. Thank you for supporting change! Sherwood Dental is privileged to have been a part of all that you do for others and the heart you share in our community.

The Mustard Seed | 10635-96 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5H | (780) 426-5600 |

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